PUMP Brands supplied

List of pump brands used for residential, commercial, mining and industrial pumps are listed below. We supply chemical injection pump, booster set, end-suction pump, gear pump, vertical multi-stage pump, submersible pump and up to deep well pump.



From the year 1962, Espa-Bombas Eléctricas, S.A. has been known with its dynamics in providing global and specific solutions for each of its product based on long term R&D that make this company become one of the global market leader. ESPA offer efficient, innovative and sophisticated technology to make sure high level of productivity and quality. ESPA own highly modern factories in Spain and France. All ESPA pumps supplied by Esparindo is manufactured in Europe. PT Esparindo Dayamegah is the authorized distributor for ESPA and operates ESPA service centers in Indonesia.



MRES Engineering Sendirian Berhad (MRES) was founded in 1989 in Malaysia as a pumps supplier. During the time, MRES has acquired recognition as a supplier for various high quality pump. Regaline pumps are widely used in high-rise buildings, water supply, water treatment, and industrial & environmental and machinery sectors. Their joint venture with Regalreef Asset Pty Ltd (Australia) that specialized in pump manufacturing with International Standards (DIN 24255, ISO 2858, NEMA). MRES finally absorbed Regalreef Asset Pty Ltd in the year 2000 and redirect the focus and development of REGALINE pumps. With a tight quality control by MRES guarantee the pumps supplied will have a high quality with competitive price.



Usines de Rumaucourt (UR) is located in Northern France that design, produce and assemble various of diesel transfer pump, diesel transfer system, storage tank dispenser for diesel fuel, portable diesel tank and various other accessories. UR own a R&D department that responsible for conceptual, development and research of products that can fulfill the clients and market requirements. UR offer various high-quality, easy to use and durable products. UR only manufacture reliable and efficient products. All products are manufactured in Europe and available to purchase from PT Esparindo Dayamegah.



Flygt is identical with high technology engineering, reliability and good relation ship with the clients. Fligt is the market leader for design and manufacture of dry & submersible pumps, mixer and smart control system. Flygt is known as the inventor of the first submersible pump in the world. Under the flag of Flygt, the clients can access a wide range of products and solutions to transfer water, waste water, and state of the art control and monitoring system. Development of product and manufacturing of Flygt is concentrated in Sweden. For more than half a century, Flygt have lead the submersible pump industry with invention such as the first submersible pump in the world, waste water pump and mixer. Flygt keep its position as market innovator with advanced technology such as non-clog N-hydraulics, flush valves, spin-out seals and up to date control and monitoring. There are more than 140,000 Flygt pump manufactured all over the world every year. PT Esparindo Dayamegah as the authorized Flygt distributor in Indonesia is ready to assist you.



Since 1936, Pulsafeeder, Inc. that located in Rochester, New York (USA) has been known as the technological leader in fluid handling. Pulsafeeder realized that being the market leader they have to focus on several aspects such as to balance: fame, high performance products, complete solution, technical innovative design, wide and focused services and continuous development on R & D and production processes. Pulsafeeder strive hard to maintain the balance - with the purpose of providing the very best product and support to the customers. Pulsafeeder have a good track record for chemical handling and transform them as a company that can provide a convenient and solution for chemical industry. PT Esparindo Dayamegah supply Pusafeeder chemical injection pumps such as Chem-Tech, Pulsatron and Omni brands.



HOMA pumpenfabrik GmbH located in Neunkirchen-Seelscheid (Jerman) fabricate high quality submersible pump for more than 70 years. HOMA pumps are widely used in sewage treatment system for high-rise building, dewatering pump in construction sites, waste water treatment and municipal sewage treatment. By utilizing the latest technology 3D design system, HOMA R&D division create new pump designs to make sure HOMA stay in the lead of pump manufacturing and win the trust of clients and users all around the world.



Prostain is focusing in stainless steel product since the company is founded as a professional and experienced stainless steel foundry. Prostain supplied stainless steel pumps and valves to their clients in Japan, Europe and USA. Prostain increased its quality control to be more effective by getting ISO 9002 on September 1999. Prostain finally manufactured their own pumps due to their high quality products, on-time delivery, and highly competitice price. PT Esparindo Dayamegah supply flexible impeller pumps that can transfer viscous liquid. This pump is used on industry that involves chemical liquid with high viscosity and can also be used for medicine and food & beverage industries.



Koi is a brand of portable fire fighting pump with engine that has been sold in high quantity to fight forest or plantation fire in Sumatera and Borneo. This pump is also widely used in factories and warehouses in remote regions all over Indonesia as part of the fire fighting equipment to fight hard to reach fire. This pump is manufactured in Taiwan and coupled with authentic Honda engine.


We at Esparindo supply various water pump brands and a range of pump types such as centrifugal pump, vertical pump, split-casing pump, end-suction pump, multi-stage pump, submersible pump, grinder pump, deep well pump and all other types of pump.

Esparindo supply high specialized industrial pump such as pump for viscous liquid, chemical transfer pump, diesel fuel transfer pump, chemical injection pump (dosing pump), high pressure pump, water supply pump and dewatering pump.

The pumps we supply are commonly used as fire-fighting pump, booster pump, mining pump, sewage pump, high-rise building pump, fisheries pump, industrial pump, plantation pump, supply pump, pond pump, pool pump and residential pump.

We only supply pump brands that originate from developed countries that have a high quality standard.