Regaline brand originated from the Joint Venture between MRES Engineering Sendirian Berhad (MRES) located in Malaysia with Regalreef Asset Pty Ltd (Australia) as pump supplier that provide various high quality pumps with International Standard (DIN 24255, ISO 2858, NEMA). On the year 2000, MRES took over Regalreef Asset Pty Ltd and become the sole owner of REGALINE. Since then, MRES has been focusing to increase their already high quality pump and coupled it with competitive pricing to complete with other premium water pump in the market.


Regaline pump models to be used in high-rise buildings, water supply, waste water treatment, industrial & environmental sector and other applications.


Regaline RL

End-suction centrifugal pumps with cast iron material that are available in various sizes. Equipped with cast iron or bronze impeller. These type of pumps are widely used for various applications such as building water supply, industrial, plantation, farming, mining, etc.



Regaline ISK

Semi-open stainless steel impeller centrifugal end-suction pump with cast iron body. Used widely for industrial and waste water applications.



Regaline RPP

Semi-open impeller centrifugal end-suction pump with stainless steel body and impeller. Used widely for industrial and waste water applications that require all stainless steel pump.


Regaline tipe SSDA/ZB

All stainless steel end-suction short coupled centrifugal pump. Used widely in industry, water treatment and waste water treatment that require all stainless steel pump.


Regaline Self-Priming SP Series

Self-priming end-suction centrifugal pump that designed to be able to have a suction head of nearly 9 meters. The semi-open impeller make sure this pump will able to handle small solid particles, sludge and dirty water. This pump can be installed with electrical motor, diesel fuel engine or V-belt/gear box.


Regaline Corelli

Self-priming centrifugal all stainless steel pump with small sizes for residential or industrial applications. It can withstand up to 70 degree celcius water. This pump have various sizes to match the different applications.


Regaline RGV

In-line vertical multi-stage pump for application that require high Head (high pressure) for building or industry.


Regaline SP

Stainless steel deep well pump for well with 4” or 6” diameters. Used to supply ground water for building, plantation, industry, shopping center, etc.


Regaline Split Casing

Split casing pump for high flow requirement for industry, power plant, high rise building and large scale fisheries.


Regaline Gear Pump

Gear pump to transfer slight viscous liquid and chemical such as diesel fuel, oil, and non corrosive chemicals.


Regaline Fluoroplastic

Fluoroplastic polymer end-suction for application that require high resistance for chemical. This pump is widely used to transfer corrosive materials such as acid, alkaline, sea water, etc.


Large centrifugal pump which is known as end-suction pump. It has unique volute casing like snail shell. This is the pump type that widely used as water supply transfer pump, distribution pump, fire fighting pump, swimming pool pump, plantation pump, farming pump, chemical transfer pump, mining pump and all other applications. Regaline end-suction pump is available in closed impeller and semi-open impeller.

Vertical multi-stage pump is a centrifugal pump that consists of a number of impellers installed in a pump that housed vertically to simplify installation in small foot print area. The vertical pump is used as high pressure pump for building or industry.

A good chemical transfer pump should use chemical resistant materials. This will be convenient to the user so that they will not require to use several different brands to match the different chemicals. Regaline chemical transfer pump covers a wide range of chemicals. This end-suction chemical pump’s material is very resistant toward corrosive chemicals.

A split casing pump is known as pump with high flow rate and widely used to supply water for industry or other applications that need a lot of water.