Esparindo supply various Pulsafeeder pump such as Chem-Tech, Pulsatron, Series M and OMNI.



Positive displacement diaphragm Chemtech series 100 & 150 are valued by users all around the world due to its reliability, easy to maintain, and wide flexibility for the applications in water treatment. Available in dual injectors version. Larger series and piston type models are also available.




For more than 20 years, PULSAtron product has evolved into continuous philosophical design that made this product a standard in industry. PULSAtron is a model of injection pump that controlled by solenoid. The most important element that make this pump different from other brands is the TFE coated elastomer diaphragm. This diapraghm is protected from the liquid being transferred. This coating form anti leaking space within the pump.



Pulsatron M Series

Developing the PULSAtron electronic injection pump, this M Series is developed based on Pulsafeeder tradition for injection pump that has become the market leader in injection pump technology. PULSAtron M Series is a world class model - designed to fit for your special needs.




The OMNI series are developed as economical diaphragm injection pump that is compact, durable, simple and reliable. This pump is designed with industrial feature so it can work for any applications. OMNI series is the right choice for any users that look for simple and compact diaphragm injection pump. This reliable injection pump is designed for wide application in chemical injection.


Chemical injection pump or also known as dosing pump is widely used in industrial application. The chemical injection pump is widely used in water treatment such as WTP, WWTP, or STP. The dosing pump selection should consider various factors such as dosing pump spare-parts, dosing pump brands, dosing pump types and the dosing pump specifications. Those factors are usually influence the dosing pump selection. Esparindo have their own service centers to repair Pulsafeeder, Chemtech, Omni or Pulsatron dosing pumps. Always use the best chemical dosing pump that you can purchase from PT Esparindo Dayamegah.