Various Flygt submersible pump models with its information can be viewed below.


Pompa B-Pumps

Flight B pump is a pump that designed for any applications. This pump is utilized for any drainage and dewatering. This Series B pump is portable and does not require installation. This pump has multi-vane impeller, semi-open or open channel impeller that is available in various materials. This impeller is designed for water that contain abrasive materials such as clay, sand, drilling debris and so on.

Flygt C-Pumps

Flygt C pump is commonly used to pump sewage, waste water and rain water on municipal treatment station and on Sewage Treatment Plant. This pump is also widely used for various industrial applications such as pumping process water and waste water as well as aggressive & corrosive water. This C Series pump has shrouded single-channel conventional impeller to reduce blockage and suitable for waste water that contains large solid particles.

Flygt D-Pumps

Series D submersible pump is specially designed to handle abrasive or viscous liquid that contains sludge with large or small particles. This Series D pump is equipped with vortex impeller. Thus, large amount of the solid particles will not be in contact with the impeller and it will not wear out quickly.


Flygt F-Pumps

This Series F manure pump is widely used in farming or livestock application to handle liquid manure fertilizers. This pump is specially designed to cut hay and left over feed and for mixing. This Series F pump has open impeller. The S-shaped impeller is equipped with cutter to cut hay and other fibrous materials. This is to reduce blockage. The pump suction is screw shaped to ease viscous liquid fertilizer to easily flow into the pump.

Flygt H-Pumps

Flygt H pump is designed to pump water that contains very abrasive particles from drilling, sand and small pebbles. The pump impeller is made from durable cast material. The suction side is lined by rubber to match the impeller. This is to maintain high efficiency on difficult operating condition. H pump impeller is open or close channel impeller. The impeller is made from cast iron with high steel hardness for resistance toward abrasive materials.

Flygt L-Pumps

Flygt submersible pump to dewater large area. This pump has high volumetric flow and low head. It is widely used in municipal applications such as pumping rain water, irigation on farming, land drainage, water supply for industry, chiller and water dewatering process. The Series L impeller pump use shrouded multi-vane impeller with guide vane. The guide vane direct the rotation of the water outlet to the top of the pump’s discharge. Series L impeller is suitable for clean or slightly dirty water.


Flygt M-Pumps (Grinders)

This grinder pump is designed for high pressure sewage water. This pump has effective grinder system made from chromium and stainless steel alloy. ALl solid particles will be ground to be smaller than 5 x 15 mm to allow the pump to utilize small pipe that is connected to conventional system.

Flygt N-Pumps

The new generation of N pump is fabricated to give efficient, reliable and trouble-free pumping on long-term operation. The core of this new N Series is the patented N-technique hydraulic system. Unique semi-open impeller with groove on the pump discharge has proven to reduce blockage risk and maintain the pumping efficiency even on bad condition.

Flygt P-Pumps

Flygt propeller pump is designed to handle huge volume and lowe head (maximum 10 meters). This pump is used for irrigation and water drainage for farm, pumping out flood water for municipals, supplying process water, chiller and raw water for industries and to arrange water flow in remote regions. Propeller from the Series P pump ise axial flow design with adjustable propeller fin. This propeller is suitable for clean or slightly dirty water.


Flygt submersible pump is a well known submersible pump brand in the world. This is due to Flygt as the first submersible pump in the world. The Flygt submersible pump originate from Sweden. The flygt submersible pump is widely used in all application such as mining submersible pump, sewage treatment submersible pump, water treatment submersible pump, waste water treatment submersible pump, waste water treatment submersible pump, municipal water submersible pump, submersible contractor pump, industrial submersible pump and all other aplications.

With high durability and highly resistance material, the FLygt pump is widely used in large scale projects that involves a lot of people such as flood control pump, power plant pump, fisheries pump, etc.

Flygt also supply submersible mixer to use in water mixing.