ezarri glass mosaic

Spanish made glass mosaic with competitive pricing is available in various models and sizes. These glass mosaic can be fabricated with specific design using digital printing or customized according to the client needs.

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Custom Made

Ezarri can supply the glass mosaic models made to order according to the client’s own design. The client only needs to submit the photo or conceptual drawing to Esparindo. Esparindo with Ezarri will provide the glass mosaic suitable for to the client’s design.



Ezarri glass mosaic can be used as interior finishing for offices, kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, and any other interior functions. With the application of glass mosaic in rooms, it will create a luxurious and modern impression on the rooms.


Sauna, Steam Room and Spa

Ezarri glass mosaic is generally used to complement sauna, steam room or spas in Europe. Mosaic application on those rooms will give the effect of modern, clean and exquisite.


Swimming Pool Finishing

Ezarri glass mosaic with is sparkling effect will look magnificent when the swimming pool is under direct sunlight or pool light. Your guests will be impressed by the Ezarri glass mosaic.


Hydrospa Finishing

Ezarri glass mosaic can be used in hot plunge or cold plunge hydrospa. When you are immersing in hydrospa, it will be more fun with wall finishing design that utilize the Ezarri glass mosaic.


Digital Printing

Ezzari provides digital printed tiles. Ezarri also have their own preset designs. If you have your own photos, logos or any pictures, Ezarri will able to print it into their glass mosaic tiles.


Building Facade

Ezarri glass mosaic can be applied to building facades that will increase the aesthetic value of the building along with the real value of the building.



The spanish made Ezarri glass mosaic has various application function as glass mosaic for swimming pool, glass mosaic for interior, or glass mosaic for exterior. Ezarri glass mosaic is made from selected recycled glass to guarantee the quality and preserve the environment by using recycled material. Ezarri glass mosaic has several advantages compared to other glass mosaic brands or ceramic mosaic. The advantages of Ezarri mosaic are that it utilize joint point system, no pores that can allow water to seep, higher resistance compared to ceramic and have more interesting patterns.

The glass mosaic is usually used as a part of design architecture in Europe and widely used to increase aesthetic value.

Glass mosaic is widely used for swimming pool design to give fantastic upscale effect. In addition, glass mosaic is widely used for interior or exterior design for home, hotels or resorts in Europe due to the its luxurious effect. Even though it is luxurious, the price of Ezarri glass mosaic is very competitive.