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Various high quality premium swimming pool & spa products  with competitive prices are available at Esparindo. These pool & spa products are the best in their fields. Please contact us for other unlisted products or brands that are only available from us project-based. 




Originates in 1962, Espa-Bombas Eléctricas, S.A. is known for it dynamism in providing solution globally and specifically for each product that is based on long term research and development that transform ESPA as one of the leading company in pumping globally. ESPA swimming pool pumps are well known in Europe and the pumps are now available in Indonesia under PT Esparindo Dayamegah. ESPA pumps are still manufactured in Spain. 



Speck Pumpen is a German company (and brand name) that has been around for more than 100 years. It is known for the industrial and swimming pool pumps. In swimming pool, Speck Pumpen is well known for the badujet and other counter current equipment.

FILTRATION & Sanitation


Aqua S.p.A industrial group has been founded in 1974 in Italy focusing on filtration and water treatment. Supported by research and development division and production centers in several countries made Aqua filter as a common products in swimming pool on 110 countries all over the world. 



CTI GmbH from Germany offer a solution for swimming pool without chlorine with UVion. This technology utilize sterilization technique using combination of UV light with ion. With this UVion sterilization technology, your pool will definitely chlorine free. 



Autopilot is an US based company that manufactures salt chlorinator (salt clorine generator) for swimming pool since 1976. The salt chlorinators fabricated by Autopilot is well known for the quality and durability. 



Meiblue is a EU registered brand under Aquacontrol GmbH which is a German company that supplies automatic dosing systems for swimming pool. The dosing systems supplied are automatic pH dosing, automatic pH and free chlorine dosing, salt chlorinator control system, ozon system, and other automatic dosing or control systems for swimming pool.



Dinotec is a German product brand from Dinotec GmBH that is known for the automatic (robotic) pool vacuum used to make vacuuming residential or commercial pool very easy.



Dolphin Maytronics is founded on 1983 and is a pioneer for automatic pool cleaner. This robotic pool cleaner is invented to clean residential and commercial swimming pool using the latest technology. Dolphin Maytronics is known as market leader and the foremost automatic pool cleaner in the world.



Peraqua is a swimming pool division from the well known parent company PRAHER that is located in Austria. Peraqua division is focused in swimming pool, spa, fish pond, fisheries and water treatment sectors. Peraqua offer numerous products that cover all type of applications such as 4- and 6-ways backwash valves, PVC valves, specialized pipe & fittings, specialized plastic component designed for pool filter, 3-way solar ball valves, automatic butterfly & wafer check valves, ABS white goods, and all other swimming pool products and accessories. 



Aquastar is a company located in United States that was founded since 2003 and aims to provide accessories product for swimming pool and spa such as return fitting, vacuum fitting, gutter deck drain, etc. Aquastar does not only provides high quality excellent designed products, but placing extreme importance on safety. Aquastar is well known to supply main drain cover that comply to Virginia Graeme-Baker (VGB) Pool and Spa Safety Act, ANSI/APSP 16-2011, NSF/ANSI 50-2009a NS G154 UV. All of Aquastar products are manufactured in United States.



This US-made heat pump is known for the high efficiency level in electrical consumption to heat generation. Aquacal heat pump is known as silent heater that suitable for swimming pool, hot tub or hydrospa. Aquacal also provides chiller for chilling the water to be used in plunge pool.



Wibre Elektrogeräte Edmund Breuninger GmbH & Co. KG was founded on 1919 and is concentrating on household electrical appliances. On 1953 after moving to a new location, Wibre has focused in illumination system that it become one of the leading brand in the world for under-water swimming pool lights. No other brands can defeat this German-made lights with its strong material, excellent electronic system and long-lasting lights.  



Lovibond is fabricated by a company called Tintometer Ltd. which is founded on 1885 by Joseph Williams Lovibond which is the inventor of colorimeter. From the simple beginning of colorimeter used for determining beer quality, now Lovibond invent water quality test kit for industry and swimming pool application. All Lovibond test kit supplied by us is made in Germany.



Ezarri is one of the leading company in glass mosaic. With more than 30 years of experience, Ezarri is commited on innovation, quality and services as well as international development supported by strategic sustainable growth. All Ezarri product is manufactured on facilities located in northern Spain in Basque region. Ezarri produced more than 8,000 m2 types of product daily, which consist of around 150 models for its own stock. Ezarri follow the creative line that position the company in the front line of avant-garde design.



TREND Group is a glass mosaic manufacturer from Italy that has been recognized worldwide. Trend glass mosaic is manufactured in Italy and was founded by Pino Bisazza. The glass mosaic manufactured by Trend has high aesthetic value and artistic soul dan contain the significance of the company itself that follow the tradition of manufacturing glass mosaic in Italy for generations. Trend glass mosaic is created from combination of all sizes, colour harmony, and genius creativity by architects, designers, and artists in developing transparent, colourful and shimmering glass mosaic for artistic private room and public room all over the world.

HYDROmassage system


 Fluvo Schmalenberger is w well known Brand originates from Germany that specialised on equipment & accessories for luxurious pool and spa. Fluvo is the leader in Researh, production and consultation to architect, planner and operator of theme spas, hotels and private pools since 1970. Swimming pools will change into enjoyable Oasis with innovative product with countercurrents, hydro-massage, water surge, air jet, cobra water curtain and Acrylair air-bubble bed systems.

portable Jacuzzi


Softub is a company that manufacture portable hot tub (jacuzzi) made in United States that is famous for the practicality. The whole inner structure of the hot tub or whirlpool is very soft. The outer layer is layered by leather imitation called Leathertex and the inner layer is covered by Polybond heat insulator. The hot tub is equipped with massage jet, Led light, heat pump system and automatic timer. With low power consumption and portability, this hot tub is the right choice to soak yourself anyplace and anytime. 



German-made spa fragrances that are widely used in any spa applications such as sauna, steam, experience shower, hamam, and others. These spa fragrances are regularly used in luxurious hotels, spa centers and resorts all over the world.



The Hygromatik company was founded on 1970 in Germany as Lufttechnischer Apparatebau (Air Technology Equipment Construction) that focusing in air humidification technology. It become an international company with a global outlook but with the core values and culture of a family operation.

Guided by sustainable principles Hygromatik strive to deliver air humidification and steam generation that promote a healthier environment. Environmental responsibility is at the foundation of their commitment to quality.

In Spa, Hygromatik provide the best technology for hammam, steam room and other applications.

pool chemicals


US-made pool chemicals that are biodegradable and easy to use. Robarb pool chemicals will maximize the efficiency of other pool chemicals used in conjunction with Robarb. Robarb pool chemicals do not alter the pH of the pool water. Robarb can assist in sanitizing the water and maintain crystal-clear water.



Zebec offer the most complete selection of Commercial Grade Float & Slide Tubes available in the industry. Zebec tubes are widely used on city pool, waterpark slide, wave pool, lazy river or customer rental operations.

Zebec also offer the most complete selection of Waterpark Rafts available in standard sizes suitable for most slide installations.

Zebec make custom inflatables for many waterparks with printed park logo, a sponsor's logo or custom wording to separate tubes for different ride and rental operations. Zebec also offer custom molding and shape design.


Esparindo supply all type of premium pool & spa equipment. For spa, we design and supply all type and model for steam room, sauna room, hammam, plunge pool and heated pool. We also provide specialty equipment such as ice machine and experience shower for your private or commercial pool. 

Pool pump is the heart of swimming pool. Without the pump, the water can not properly circulated. With the advent of swimming pool pump, the water can be circulated through sand filter to improve the water quality. We suggest to use the best pool filter and pool pump such as AQUA and ESPA.