Esparindo supply hydroponics media from Gold Label that is made in Europe. These hyroponics media is safe from toxic chemicals and safe for growing food. It posses KIWA and RHP certifications.



Hydro is clay pebble aggregates media products that replace Hydroton. This product is using similar material that originated in Germany and processed with similar methodology like Hydroton. the pH of this media is neutal. By using this media, the roots of the plants will easily capture oxygen. The media is clean and free from insects. It is available in 8-16 mm.


Hydrocorn is another clay pebble aggregates with irregular shape. It is an improved version of Hydro. The irregular shape is to make the root easily grasp the media. This media also has higher water absorption so it will not float easily and suitable for aquaculture. This media is suitable for ebb and flow, DWC and dripper hydroponics system. It is available in 8-16 mm.

HydroCoco 60/40

This hydroponic media has a composition of 60% Hydrocorn with 8-16 mm size and 40% Coir (Coconut Fiber). The coconut fiber used originate from inland plantation that cause the coconut fiber to have low salt content. This media is suitable for ebb and flow, Wilma and IWS hydroponics system. This media increase the growth of mycorrhizae and trichoderma.