hydroponics products

Esparindo currently supply various hydroponic media made in Europe. This media have RHP and KIWA certifications so it is safe to use and free of toxic chemicals.



Hydroton is a clay aggregate pebbles product manufactured from Okotau Green GmbH (now defunct) that is widely used in Indonesia. This Hydroton product is 100% utilize clay material made from soil in Germany and manufactured solely in Germany. Okotau Green GmbH did not manufacture Hydroton n other country. As we were the authorized distributor of Hydroton in Indonesia, we would inform that since 2013 the Hydroton manufacturing plant is not producing Hydroton anymore. Please be wary of products that claimed themselves to be Hydroton since the closure of the manufacturing plant of Hydroton is not widely known.



Gold Label is a hydroponics brand that originated in Netherland. The Gold Label is focussing on various hyroponic media and liquid fertiliers. The company posses KIWA certification and the majority of the products is RHP certified. The company products are widely known in Europe and Middle East.