Hygromatik steam generators

High quality steam generators made in Germany with nearly 50 years of history will guarantee the best steam generators for spa applications such as hammam or steam bath.


Flexline Steam Generator

New generation of steam generators which consists of a basic model that can be expanded to create an individual solution suitable for all steam requirements in a modular system. This generator won awards in three categories with the Plus X Award and named Product of the Year 2018.

FlexLine is available as an electrode as well as a heater element steam generator – depending on water quality. Steam output from 3 kg/h up to 130 kg/h selectable in 6 unit sizes.

All HygroMatik FlexLine units are equipped with a capacitive 3.5“ touch screen.

The improved control and regulation technology of FlexLine units provides extensive possibilities which are simple and easy to operate. HygroMatik FlexLine is equipped with smart service functions and innovative features for operational reliability.

HygroMatik FlexLine has been developed for an especially long life span.

Flexline Plus Steam Generator

The HygroMatik FlexLine Plus Spa units complement the FlexLine series with an extremely robust and long-lasting design on new heater type steam generators. The units can be flexibly expanded from a basic model with appropriate options.

Steam output from 5 kg/h to 50 kg/h selectable in one unit size.

The stainless steel cylinders of the HygroMatik FlexLine Plus Spa generate hygienic, mineral-free steam and are explicitly designed for spa and wellness applications.

When operated with softened or tap water, the minerals and salts contained in the water precipitate. These deposits are stirred up by the integrated rinsing and lime collection system during partial blowdown and can be removed by the powerful blowdown pump. The amount of particles accumulated in the strainer is thus significantly reduced.

All HygroMatik FlexLine Plus Spa units are equipped with a capacitive 3.5“ touch display.

The improved control and regulation technology of the HygroMatik FlexLine Plus Spa units provides extensive possibilities that are simple and easy to operate. The HygroMatik FlexLine Plus Spa with intelligent service functions and innovative features for operational safety.

The heaters are made of highly corrosion-resistant Incoloy825 (chromium nickel
molybdenum alloy) and therefore extremely durable. The mechanical overheating protection of the heaters together with the electronic proportional level control provides double protection.

HygroMatik FlexLine Plus Spa has been developed for particularly long operating times.

Heaterslim Steam Generator

The heater steam generator HeaterSlim has an appropriate design, is slim in size and comes with output of 3.3, 6.6 or 10 kg/h, making it particularly suitable for private and suite spas.

Excellent access to components saves time in installation and maintenance.

The units can operate using fully desalinated, softened or mains water. Where fully desalinated water is used, the unit is practically maintenance free. The devices are environmentally-friendly, efficient, hygienic, safe and specially designed to promote health and well-being.

Operation via an innovative remote control makes it really easy to set temperature, scent and light. They can be used outside and inside the steam room.

The units feature the VDE and GS test marks and conform to CE and EAC.

HeaterSlim is available in three versions:

  • Touch Remote - with an external remote control and docking station, also suitable for wall installation

  • Touch - with an user interface integrated in the device

  • Basic - with closed cover, no touch operation