Aquastar based in United States provides various fittings for swimming pool and spa. These Aquastar products are still manufactured in United States. The main drain (which is also known as drain cover) complies with safety standards.

Various photo of Aquastar fittings and drain covers for pools or spas can be seen below.


Aqua Thunder Spa Jets

This Aqua spa jet fittings is designed for maximum efficiency to provide a refreshing massaging effect for you.


VGB Drain Covers

Various model, colour and size of main drains are available for swimming pool. All these main drains comply with Virginia Graeme-Baker (VGB) Pool and Spa Safety Act, ANSI/APSP 16-2011, NSF/ANSI 50-2009a.


Return Fittings & Accessories

Swimming pool circulation fittings such as vacuum fittings, safety grate insert, wall inlets and floor inlets on various sizes and colours. It is available in white, black and gray.


Overflow Fitting

This gutter deck drain is used on overflow gutter to help in directing the flow to balancing tank safely while aesthetically pleasing to look at.


You need to make sure your swimming pools utilize the pool fittings such as wall inlets, floor inlets, drain covers, vacuum fittings and other pool accessories to comply with existing safety standard. Only use pool accessories and fittings that is safe for your family or customers. Beside safety, Aquastar pool fittings are aesthetically pleasing and can easily streamline into your swimming pool design.

Aquastar main drains have an anti-entrapment feature that follows the VGB Pool and Safety Act.

We suggest you to only use swimming pool fitting accessories that have certification and of high quality.