AQUAcal heater and chiller

Swimming pool heater which is heat pump is used to heat swimming pool water. To heat a swimming pool, heat pump with sufficient heating ability is required. Aquacal heat pump is often used for its outstanding performance and durability.

Aquacal heat pump are generally also used to heat water on hydrospa such as jacuzzi or whirlpool. Chiller to chill cold water version is also available.



Pool heat pump with economical price that is suitable for swimming pool and hot tub. With digital display. This product is corrosion resistant, less noise and have high efficiency. BTU output is available up to 112,000.



This heat pump is available as a heater or chiller. Utilize microprocessor with digital display. The heatwave is a silent type while retaining all the positive features from Tropical. BTU output is available up to 143,000.



Heat pump with heating and cooling features to be used for public pool or commercial scale pool. The casing is resistant to sea water. Electronic control and monitoring system features are available. Utilize efficient compressor system. BTU output is available up to 229,000.


Great Big Bopper

Heat pump with large capacity. Silent and can heat or chill a pool. Utilize super efficient SCROLL compressor. BTU output is available up to 436,000.


The US-made Aquacal chiller uses swimming pool heat pump that functions like air conditioning system. While the Aquacal swimming pool heater works with the inverse principle of air conditioning. Due to the heat pump is utilizing heat exchange principle, the heat pump operational cost is a lot lower than using electric or gas heater.

This Aquacal swimming pool heater and chiller use efficient heat exchanger principle. A lot of pool owner have switched into Aquacal heat pump due to its cost saving and environmental friendly. Heat pump is also often used for commercial swimming pool due to it large cost-saving.

Aquacal heatp pump is also known for its durability. Aquacal swimming pool heat pumps can still operate well after 5, 10 and 15 years. This is very important when operating commercial facility. At commercial facility, heat pump can be used to heat jacuzzi, hot tub, or whirlpool. Conversely, it can also be used to chill plunge pool or chilled pool.