milwaukee lab instruments

Various Milwaukee lab instruments from Italy that can be viewed here.


Pocket Model

With small pocket size, this Milwaukee instrument can be carried for on-site measurement. This model is very popular and reliable. The available model is for pH, TDS and EC parameters measurement for water.

Portable Model

With portable size, this Milwaukee instriment can be carried easily anywhere for direct measurement on-site. This model is very reliable for on-site measurement and more accurate than the pocket model. This model is available in single parameter or multiple parameters measurement using single device.

Bench Meter Model

Milwaukee supply Bench Meter for accurate and precise measurement. The Bench Meter is available for single or multiple parameter measurement using single device. The parameters that can be measured are temperature, pH, EC, TDS, etc.


Pocket Type Photometer

This pocket type photometer can be carried easily to measure water parameters such as phosphate, iodine, iron and chlorine contents. This pocket photometer can do on-site measurement practically and easily.

Portable photometer

Milwaukee supply portable photometer that can accurately measure iron, ammonia, chloride, phosphate, turbidity and other parameters in the water. With this photometer, you can measure the parameters easily without the need to bring water samples into analytical laboratory.

Analog Refractometer

Analog refractometer to be used to measure salinity and sugar (Brix).


Digital Refractometer

Digital refractometer for salinity measurement, sugar (brix), sodium chloride, ethylene glycol, etc. The digital refractometer is very practical to be used compared to analog refractometer.


Milwaukee measurement electrodes can be changed when already worn out.